Welcome To The Special World Of Enchanted Environments

Fron view of bowl 4

Front view of a bowl with a Variegated boxwood tree.
Click on photo to see the enlarged view!

Welcome To Enchanted Environments – Where Unique Magical Worlds Live Within A Bowl

Enchanted Environments is your portal to worlds you’ve always known existed all around you, but until now, have only felt them, rather than experienced them for yourself.

Now they have materialized into being, and they are just right for any location, whether outside or within your home or office, for yourself, or as a gift.

The bowls provide a space for your mind to wander freely away from your cares, concerns, and problems. They let your imagination flow, your own personal world to become less stressful, filled with more kindness, understanding, and wisdom. They give you the time for personal reflection, to set loose your creativity and intuition, and for you to reconnect with Nature and all that lives within her realms.

Other view of bowl.

Another view of the same bowl.

Each one has a doorway to other worlds, a chimney, as well as walkways, gazing balls, bee skeps with something special beneath them, mushrooms., sometime fences, and many other  curious and fun items.

Standing low, high, or somewhere in the middle, with a single tree, a shrub, or many of each, they come together as they wish. Some are in small bowls, others are in much larger ones, a few are in hangers. They can sit atop a desk, a windowsill, on a deck, a pedestal, table, or beside a tree for the making of a fairy garden, an environment for Elves, or a home for Hobbits. Wherever the bowls are, they are totally at home.

These bowls are NOT terrariums. They are not self-sustaining by being enclosed. They are free to grow as you wish to allow them to, but you will need to water them as needed, and to feed them occasionally (but usually not more than three times a year). Like any personal space, you may rearrange them, cut them shorter, add new plants, or allow them to flourish and expand. You can include additional accents, or even make your own.

I seek out special containers, some vintage, some modern, some antique, which will be perfect to hold a world of wonder within them. We drill drainage holes on the bottom, and then some receive a coat of green paint, while other remain in their original color. Shapes vary from whatever pleases me – from loaf pans, to colanders, to mixing bowls, copper pots, and even open hangers.

Then I acquire and cultivate the plants that will be placed into them. More about those later.

Years before, in the beginning, I couldn’t find just the right accents, in the perfect sizes, to help create the ethereal environments. That’s when I began making all of them myself. You will find nothing like them anywhere else. I have design them, form them, and make them all to the right sizes for what I need. Some are painted, some are weathered, all are little works of art unto themselves.

Third view of bowl.

Third side of the bowl.

I planted, grow, cut and trim bamboo just so I have the makings of fences that give a long flowing line to some of the landscapes. I even cultivate different kinds of moss to keep the ground moist, and to give the scene a look of carpeting.

I look for just the right plants that will provide color, or fragrance, or flowers. Then I cultivate them, so they can grow where they will be strong, zone hardy, and ready to be transplanted.

I’m often invited to speak to garden clubs, at libraries, and even at schools.  The presentations are very hands-on (my hands only). I bring along enough items to show audiences how I design and build one bowl, and let them help me in selecting the contents. If you would be interested in booking an engagement, please contact me for additional information.

Take a stroll around the website, and then journey over to the blogs where you will have the opportunity to comment, ask questions, and to see all the new and wonderful things I’ve found and added to my inventory.

Please be sure to also visit my other website:



where I have fabulous antiques under that name Patricia St. John Fine Antiques (and outstandingantiques on eBay!)

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