End Of Year Round-Up

Well, everything has been put to bed. There’s almost nothing left this time, so I guess I figured it out right. Outside there is one enormous bowl, with three trees, and one large bowl with one tree. This year I have saved two bowls for myself to keep inside during the winter. That’s it! I will be showing them in the blog just so I can keep checking on their progress indoors.

Final Totals:

24 shows – all juried

1 Best In Show Award with $75.00 prize

140 bowls sold

5 bowls donated at shows for non-profit raffles

2 lectures for Garden Clubs

4 bowls given as gifts

4 bowls remaining

Argent Blue

I have a few trees that I didn’t use this year, planted a few more, added many new sedums, as well as many new miniature hostas.


Pixie checks out the first snow and the newly planted items.


The deciduous leaves on some trees turned colors and then dropped.


Barberry and Cotoneaster.


Only two under the burlap.


Some of the bowls and goblets waiting for 2014 to become filled.


The only ones left that didn’t get used in 2013. And of course Pixie had to get into the picture again!

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