Two Bowls In The House For Winter – The Larger One

For the first time in four years, I have saved two bowls to keep in the house this winter.

One is larger and in a sieve, and one is in a smaller bowl.

The sieve has a Barberry tree, and I’ve been having my own Fall Foliage display right in my window.

It has several special items in it.

There’s a large bare copper wire braided (by my hand) gazing ball, a bird box with a little bird I made out of beads, a green leaf shaped bird bath (don’t want to have a dirty bird), bamboo fence posts (I grew and cut down the bamboo), button cap mushrooms, butterflies, an Ice Plant that has purple flowers all through the summer and into September, and a little English bee skep that has a little crystal with a star beneath it, Creeping Thyme, sedums, Pincushion moss, and so much more.


I love making the sieve bowls. They always get so much attention!


The doorway is the entrance to your imagination.


This is the Ice Plant on the left. It has so many purple flowers throughout the Summer. The Creeping Thyme is on the right side.


Ice Plant on the right, and little tan Button Cap mushrooms.


Green Leaf bird bath. Limited edition.


Bird bath, and bird box. Pincushion moss in the right rear.


Hanging “Pretty” on the left, bee skep and bamboo fence on the right.


Bare copper wire hand braided gazing ball with clear crystal marble ball.


Hand made clay door with bark lines and a bare copper wire twisted rose shaped door handle.


Barberry Tree in full Fall foliage. What a beauty, what a joy!

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