Two Bowls In The House For Winter – The Smaller One

I design each bowl as an individual energy, unto itself.

The larger ones give me an opportunity to broaden my creativity, but the smaller ones are a challenge to bring a full expansion and expression to the scene.

This year I began to make even smaller bowls than this one, but they all sold out at every show.

This is literally the only one left, and as small bowls go, it’s the larger of the smallest one.

There are still a lot of discoveries to find in it, and I look forward to seeing what it does inside the house this winter. There are more sedums so that there would be more living green to enjoy, and not so many things that go dormant. But there are now sleeping miniature hostas in it, so it will be fun to watch them break through the ground again in April.


The fence posts are made of rolled clay with jewelry findings for end posts.


Many more sedums, with Amanita mushrooms.


Blue butterflies and a sedum that grows tall like a tree. It got hit by frost but it will come back even stronger over this winter.


Crushed white marble for the walkway.


A hanging “Pretty” and a tiny bee skep add to the charm.

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