Missing Ruth Henderson, And More

On a sad note. The indomitable Ruth Henderson, who along with her fanous husband, Skitch, created The Silo, in New Milford, CT, recently passed away. She had an enormous spirit, and was an amazing supporter of the Arts and artists. I knew Ruth for close to forty years, and I learned a tremendous amount about how to run a business, while still keeping true to your dream. She will be missed.

I’m gearing up for the new season. I did 22 shows last year (including The Elephant’s Trunk.  I sold an incredible 140 bowls, and will have many new ideas and creations for this year. I’m always thinking and dreaming, so it should be interesting to see what comes to life.

I’ll be doing many more smaller ones, because people really wanted that size. I sold out of every one at each show. Those are a difficult size to find, but I’ve been haunting places and have acquired a few more.  I’ve also been selecting interesting containers. I have some twisted stem metal goblets, a stunning copper container, and so many other shapes with which to work. I just have to wait for the snow to melt to dig them out from the table on the deck.

Argent Bleu is still covered with snow. My fingers are itching to tear the burlap off of the huge bowl on the potting table outside.

So far I’ve booked 14 shows, and other than adding in a few more at The Elephant’s Trunk (weather permitting), I may stay at that number. The ones I dropped were either too far away, badly run, or not financially productive.

One of the best from last year was a show held at The Silo, which is where I saw Ruth for the last time, She bought a bowl for herself and one as a Mother’s Day gift for Heidi, her daughter.  She’d invited me to be part of their biggest show of the year, the Christmas one, but I had to say no because my bowls are sleeping at that time of the year. I don’t know if they will be having another show there this year, but I hope so, to honor Ruth!



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