The Hostas Have Arrived

Oh my. I am under the gun now! The weather has been terrible – VERY cold, with more than 3″ of rain yesterday and last night.

My first show of the season is on May 10, and I don’t have a single bowl made yet.

I have my stock of flowers, hens and chicks, sedums, mosses, and more.


And my new varieties of miniature hostas arrived today.


I will take two of each variety and will plant them so they will grow in the window boxes and elsewhere.



They will also multiply for next year, as my others have done in the past. I’m not going to use miniature trees this year, other than the ones that I still have growing in Argent Bleu.


2014argent2People seem to want the miniature bowls more than the big ones, so I will be making only a few with the trees. Trees need more room for the roots to grow than the other plants do.

I’ve been thinking about what new items I want to create for the bowls, but I still have enough left mushrooms, gazing balls, doors, etc., from last year to make enough bowls to sell at the two shows. Still, late nights making Sculpy clay items and baking them are ahead fo me for the next five months. I look forward to that.

My own bowls have hard a very hard winter, but they are slowly coming back to life again.


The pink and white magnolia tree is in almost full bloom and barring more rain, snow, and wind, will burst open fully this weekend. It took a real beating when Super Storm Sandy hit, but it’s alive and ready to be stunningly beautiful again.


2004, before Sandy.


2014. Spring is late and the magnolia is not yet in full bloom, but the tree is also not as large after Super Storm Sandy.

The white Dogwood is getting ready to hatch some flowers, and both variegated Kousa dogwoods have buds on them.

The peonies are beginning to come up, the daffodils are open, there are buds on the lilac bushes, and the lily leaves are about a foot high. I believe Spring is here, but it still feels like winter. We had to run the furnace this morning.

I can’t wait to make the bowls, and I wish the weather would cooperate. But my tiny hostas, some with little bud tipped spikes on them, are waiting on the deck for me to give them new homes. It’s getting exciting now.

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