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A Craft Fair In New Milford, CT

I am now beginning to book my 2013 speaking engagements. One of them was actually scheduled two years in advance! As a former classroom teacher and presenter at many conferences around the world, it’s one of my favorite things to do – other than the bowls, themselves, of course.

I love to share the process of creativity, and watch the faces of my audience light up as they begin to think about their own ideas and concepts for their projects.

I prefer to NOT do a Power Point presentation, but instead, I take a definitely more hands on approach. I bring with me a few empty bowls, the many diverse and unique things which will go into making a newly built Enchanted Environment in front of the audience, a few previously made bowls in case someone would like to purchase one, order forms for those who wish to purchase an Environment at a later time, and lots of fun and information.

For a one hour presentation (with a question and answer session afterwards) I usually receive a $150.00 honorarium. I should know how long I would have to speak for your organization so I could tailor the talk to your needs. Of course longer sessions do cost a little extra, and we can decide upon that when we speak about booking a date. For trips more than 20 miles distance from my home, I also ask for mileage remuneration at whatever the normal rate would be at the time.

As for the bowls I bring with me, any of the fully made ones would be for sale, at the regular price that I charge at fairs, etc. I try to have ones in many different sizes and price ranges. Because no two are ever alike, I can’t say in advance which ones will come with me.

Depending upon the number of people attending the meeting, I pass the items around and then your club can help me create a bowl after I speak about the process, and how I came to  design the unique items in it. If there’s room around the table, then everyone can bring up a chair and sit at the table with me. As a dedicated gardener, I like the personal approach. I always wear blue jeans, and a tee shirt (I do get dirty). Everything is casual, easygoing, and fun.

If your organization would like to help defray the cost of my visit, I usually offer the bowl that I created right there in the class to be sold at the close of my presentation, either in an auction, a silent auction, a raffle, or as an outright purchase with all of those proceeds going back to the club. This helps to reimburse your group for my visit.

My needs are simple. A covered table, the bigger the better, because I can be a bit messy and I need room to lay out what I use to build the bowl, a chair for me to sit on, some water, and people who would like to help me out with the project who are dressed in casual clothing they might not mind getting a little smudgy. Of course I would need some assistance unloading and then reloading the car afterwards.

Afterwards, I always request a letter of thanks and of recommendation with permission to include it in my website. If you are pleased, then I would also appreciate other contacts for presentations elsewhere.

This looks to be an exciting new season, and after this particularly punishing winter, I am really yearning to get my hand back into my bowls. I am so excited to share my unique approach to creating Enchanted Environments with you and your group.

You can contact me by email at: pmstjohn@earthlink.net or by phone at: 860-354-5948

I am already booked for May 14th and May 23rd.


A Faire In Litchfield, CT

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