Missing Ruth Henderson, And More

On a sad note. The indomitable Ruth Henderson, who along with her fanous husband, Skitch, created The Silo, in New Milford, CT, recently passed away. She had an enormous spirit, and was an amazing supporter of the Arts and artists. I knew Ruth for close to forty years, and I learned a tremendous amount about how to run a business, while still keeping true to your dream. She will be missed.

I’m gearing up for the new season. I did 22 shows last year (including The Elephant’s Trunk.  I sold an incredible 140 bowls, and will have many new ideas and creations for this year. I’m always thinking and dreaming, so it should be interesting to see what comes to life.

I’ll be doing many more smaller ones, because people really wanted that size. I sold out of every one at each show. Those are a difficult size to find, but I’ve been haunting places and have acquired a few more.  I’ve also been selecting interesting containers. I have some twisted stem metal goblets, a stunning copper container, and so many other shapes with which to work. I just have to wait for the snow to melt to dig them out from the table on the deck.

Argent Bleu is still covered with snow. My fingers are itching to tear the burlap off of the huge bowl on the potting table outside.

So far I’ve booked 14 shows, and other than adding in a few more at The Elephant’s Trunk (weather permitting), I may stay at that number. The ones I dropped were either too far away, badly run, or not financially productive.

One of the best from last year was a show held at The Silo, which is where I saw Ruth for the last time, She bought a bowl for herself and one as a Mother’s Day gift for Heidi, her daughter.  She’d invited me to be part of their biggest show of the year, the Christmas one, but I had to say no because my bowls are sleeping at that time of the year. I don’t know if they will be having another show there this year, but I hope so, to honor Ruth!



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Two Bowls In The House For Winter – The Smaller One

I design each bowl as an individual energy, unto itself.

The larger ones give me an opportunity to broaden my creativity, but the smaller ones are a challenge to bring a full expansion and expression to the scene.

This year I began to make even smaller bowls than this one, but they all sold out at every show.

This is literally the only one left, and as small bowls go, it’s the larger of the smallest one.

There are still a lot of discoveries to find in it, and I look forward to seeing what it does inside the house this winter. There are more sedums so that there would be more living green to enjoy, and not so many things that go dormant. But there are now sleeping miniature hostas in it, so it will be fun to watch them break through the ground again in April.


The fence posts are made of rolled clay with jewelry findings for end posts.


Many more sedums, with Amanita mushrooms.


Blue butterflies and a sedum that grows tall like a tree. It got hit by frost but it will come back even stronger over this winter.


Crushed white marble for the walkway.


A hanging “Pretty” and a tiny bee skep add to the charm.

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Two Bowls In The House For Winter – The Larger One

For the first time in four years, I have saved two bowls to keep in the house this winter.

One is larger and in a sieve, and one is in a smaller bowl.

The sieve has a Barberry tree, and I’ve been having my own Fall Foliage display right in my window.

It has several special items in it.

There’s a large bare copper wire braided (by my hand) gazing ball, a bird box with a little bird I made out of beads, a green leaf shaped bird bath (don’t want to have a dirty bird), bamboo fence posts (I grew and cut down the bamboo), button cap mushrooms, butterflies, an Ice Plant that has purple flowers all through the summer and into September, and a little English bee skep that has a little crystal with a star beneath it, Creeping Thyme, sedums, Pincushion moss, and so much more.


I love making the sieve bowls. They always get so much attention!


The doorway is the entrance to your imagination.


This is the Ice Plant on the left. It has so many purple flowers throughout the Summer. The Creeping Thyme is on the right side.


Ice Plant on the right, and little tan Button Cap mushrooms.


Green Leaf bird bath. Limited edition.


Bird bath, and bird box. Pincushion moss in the right rear.


Hanging “Pretty” on the left, bee skep and bamboo fence on the right.


Bare copper wire hand braided gazing ball with clear crystal marble ball.


Hand made clay door with bark lines and a bare copper wire twisted rose shaped door handle.


Barberry Tree in full Fall foliage. What a beauty, what a joy!

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End Of Year Round-Up

Well, everything has been put to bed. There’s almost nothing left this time, so I guess I figured it out right. Outside there is one enormous bowl, with three trees, and one large bowl with one tree. This year I have saved two bowls for myself to keep inside during the winter. That’s it! I will be showing them in the blog just so I can keep checking on their progress indoors.

Final Totals:

24 shows – all juried

1 Best In Show Award with $75.00 prize

140 bowls sold

5 bowls donated at shows for non-profit raffles

2 lectures for Garden Clubs

4 bowls given as gifts

4 bowls remaining

Argent Blue

I have a few trees that I didn’t use this year, planted a few more, added many new sedums, as well as many new miniature hostas.


Pixie checks out the first snow and the newly planted items.


The deciduous leaves on some trees turned colors and then dropped.


Barberry and Cotoneaster.


Only two under the burlap.


Some of the bowls and goblets waiting for 2014 to become filled.


The only ones left that didn’t get used in 2013. And of course Pixie had to get into the picture again!

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Savy Central Radio Interview – The All Time Best

I recently did a web interview with Christina Nitschmann for Savy Central Radio. It covered all aspects of my multifaceted career and life and it was literally the best interview I have ever had – or done – and believe me, I have done too many to count.


I truly appreciate Christina’s talents and gifts for bringing out the best in her interviews. You can get to the location for blogtalkradio by going here:




I found myself revealing information I’d kept secret for so many years, while also sharing many of my still all too revolutionary ideas.


Thank you, Christina, for your gentle persistence in tracking me down, and your intelligent and graceful professionalism!

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