2013 BOWLS

All the bowls have been sold. It was a wonderful year (April to September) and 140 bowls found their “forever” homes. As always, they went through many transformations. I am making fewer large bowls, therefore there are fewer trees in the bowls. That’s because I can bring down the price points and make more of them available to the folks who love them.

I never know what a bowl will look like until it’s finished. Each one calls to me, and I build them one at a time – never in an assembly line – even when bowls may be similar in style, shape, and size.

If painted, each bowl gets two coats on the outside, and two on the inside. Then they get a double coat of polyurethane, inside and out, to keep them from chipping. My husband hand drills holes into the bottoms of each, for drainage.

I have created a small booklet to accompany each bowl, which tells about them, how to care for them, and what kind of plant food to use (always Osmocote.) Then I put the booklet into a little bag, along with a tablespoon scoop (in its own package) of Osmocote, just so the buyer has food for about two years, depending upon the size of the bowl.

So many people came up to me at the shows to tell me how wonderful the bowls have done over the years. I love hearing about how they made changes to the designs and made the bowl totally personalized to themselves.

Because they change all during the year, don’t expect them to look exactly the same for next year. But please have a look at some of the things I made for the bowls in 2013. Some will not be repeated because of how time consuming they were to make. But that just makes them collector’s items!

















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