Brown Thumb Boxes

Brown Thumb Boxes


It’s never easy or simple for me to come up with a new product. I have been mentally working  on this project for many years, but finally, SUCCESS!

For the last five years, I have heard people say that they love my bowls, but they have a brown thumb, and everything would die. I felt terrible for them, because even people who kill plants, almost always love them.

But I am a perfectionist with what I make, so I had to come up with a project that was closely similar to the living Enchanted Environments, yet all their own. They have to be able to exist without care, yet people should be able to add their own touches. While there are no living plants (except for the lichen), everything has to have the sense of being alive. In other words, there must be an essence of something special, ethereal, and make it possible for you to go into the box with your imagination and your mind.

As an antiques dealer, I look for interesting bowls to use with the living plant environments. But then, one day this summer, I realized that I should also be seeking out vintage, or antique BOXES, with attached lids. That’s because, even though I don’t have depth perception, or three dimensional vision, I still wanted my new boxes to have a sense of the living forest or meadow similar to what I create with the bowls.


I have been gathering boxes since then, and then, using photos to create a backdrop on some, but not all, I incorporate them into the scene.

Everything is attached firmly, except for the meandering white stone paths. This is so you can change the look of the paths, or the direction of them. As with the bowls, I also leave open spaces for people to add their own special touches.


I do use plastic flowers and grasses, dried and dyed mosses, but I also gather lichen from my trees and bushes to use in the designs. Then I add in a bee skep with an antique crystal inside, a gazing ball, mushrooms, and other items that I have made by hand and use in the living bowls.


I don’t paint or alter the boxes in any way, because I think part of the charm of them is the original container.


But I needed a great name for them, and I remembered all the comments from folks how have told me they have “Brown Thumbs”, and so the name came all by itself. I will add new photos and rotate some out, just so I don’t bore you.

I’m having a lot of fun creating them, and of course, the living bowls are my truest and deepest loves. But these are pretty darned charming all by themselves!

None are ever alike.


box8 box9 box10 box11 box12

1 Response to Brown Thumb Boxes

  1. Judith R Enzor says:

    P. What a fertile imagination you have. How wonderful these bowls and boxes are. I can just imagine how wonderful one would look on a bedside table at the nursing home that I volunteer at, or perhaps my desk at home. Kudos! They are breathtaking and wonderful.

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