Very Limited Editions Of Spooky Bowls

Will post additional information about this limited edition of what I call “Spooky Bowls”. There will only be five (will explain this part later), and they will be revealed at the Seymour, CT, Pumpkin Festival in September. When they are gone, well, that’s it for them.

There are three black bowls, and two deep red ones.

I’ve already made the headstones, the hanging ghosties, and I’m raising the strange looking, pale, greenish-white sedums. The rocks will be black (most of them, at least), and I’m working on imagining lots of special thingies.

Oh, and there will be a different dead tree in each bowl.

Stay tuned for more!

Here’s the first one.

I grew the mosses and allowed them to go brown. The plants are alive and all but one are succulents, so they need very little water, but lots of light.  There’s also Red Cobweb sedum, which makes its own little cobwebs!

There are grave stones and ghosts that hang from the tree limbs, and as I make more things, I will add them to this bowl and the others (once they are made.)

Yes, the bowl tilts to one side. I had it for years, and the shape of it makes me smile, which makes it perfect for the Spooky Bowls.spookybowl spookybowl2 spookybowl3 spookybowl4 spookybowl5

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