Hand Made Accents – Other Items


I love to see butterflies flitting through my gardens. That’s why I have created three different size of butterflies. I also try to change up the colors by making different clay combinations. They add that little bit of whimsy and elegance to every bowl. I bend them and cut the stems so they look like they are either sitting on a plant, or hovering over something.



I found some jewels and immediately saw them as something that belonged in the Environments. I put them onto bare wire, twisted the wire, and put them in the bowls. I often see them as nightlights, or hanging lanterns, but then in some bowls they are just perfect garden ornaments. You decide.



Bee Skeps are little rounded bee apiaries that are found in English country gardens. I make them in three different sizes, most recently the tiny ones for the goblets, etc. I used my imagination to figure out how to create the indented lines for them by using a more than one hundred year old kitchen tool I had in my kitchen drawer. Each Skep has a tiny hole so the little imaginary bees can fly in and out. Beneath the Skeps I place little crystals with either a wire fairy, a clay heart, or a clay star on it. I consider that when I add the crystal, the bowl has gained its heart and soul.

beeskeps beeskeps2


I’m constantly thinking of what new items I want to ad. I’ve already written about this head, so I won’t duplicate the information here, other than the photos. But as an antiques dealer, I am always searching for inspiration when I visit estate sales. Who knows what I will come up with next year!?!

myheada2 myheadb2








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