Hand Made Accents – Mushrooms

I love the mushrooms, and I like to make ones that really exist in Nature. Of course they are my artist’s interpretation of what they look like, but they are close enough that many people think they are real, living mushrooms.

I use a website that has photos of the many different mushrooms and the colors they come in. They range in almost every color of the rainbow, so I have lots more to make in the future.

Some have flat heads, some have button heads, some have cone shaped heads, there are those with cups that look like a hat Gandalf, the Wizard, might wear, some have little white dots on them. I am making them in two sizes: larger ones for the small and the larger bowls, and the very tiny ones for the bowls that I make inside goblets, shot glasses, and cups. Unfortunately, having sold out all of the tiny one, I can only show you the mushrooms I made this season, but not the Environments they are in. I’ll get some photos in Spring of 2014.


amanitamush buttonmush gandolfmush purplemush yellowmush

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