Gallery Of Bowls


This is only a sample of the many bowls I’ve created, because there are too many to show all at once. None of the bowls are identical.  They all have lives of their own and I always allow them to tell me how they want to look! Some, towards the bottom of the page, were special order bowls. The photos  are in no particular order of when they were made: Some were newly made when photographed, some were in full display in mid-summer, and some were near to the end of the season. Check out those wonderful hostas, with a few in “spike” and throwing purple flowers! Look for herbs, sedum, hostas, mosses, and many different plants.

bowl1a 1.

bowl2a 2.

bowl3a 3.

bowl4a 4.

bowl5a 5.

bowl6a 6.

bowl7a 7.

bowl8a 8.

bowl9a 9.

bowl10a 10.

hobbitbowla 11.

hobbitbowlb 12.

hobbitbowlc 13.

hobbitbowld 14.

hobbitbowle 15.

hobbitbowlf 16.

hobbitbowlg 17.

mediumbowla 18. Special Order Bowl

mombowl 19. Special Order Bowl

mybowl2 20. Special Order Bowl

smallbowla2 21. Special Order Bowl

xlrgbowl4 22. Special Order Bowl

cathybowl8 23. Special Order Bowl

enchantedcard - Copy

where I have fabulous antiques under that name Patricia St. John Fine Antiques (and outstandingantiques on eBay!)


1 Response to Gallery Of Bowls

  1. Manuela Duerre Young says:

    Hello Patricia. This is Manuela from the Alpenhaus. I have shared your link on my FB page to show all my friends your beautiful art.
    See you soon and have a lovely evening.


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